The Ultimate YouTube Marketing Guide For Video Creators & Entrepreneurs

Video marketing is taking off as one of the most important and one of the most effective methods of online promotion. Instead, your goal in publishing videos on YouTube should be to attract and acquire customers for your own products and services. Now that you've produced a video and optimized it for search, let's talk about how to market your YouTube channel and videos. Look here for quantitative insights on your channel and your audience's behavior, including your view counts, average watch time, revenues generated, and interaction rate across videos.

By creating your YouTube channel using a Brand Account, multiple authorized Google Accounts can log in simultaneously. You can create talking head videos in a batch. Maybe you never used your account for business purposes, but for posting embarrassing Hannah Montana lip sync videos when you were ten.

Around 60 percent of YouTube subscribers trust the opinions of their favorite influencers According to Google. It'll make sure that when someone searches your brand, they won't just find your channel — they'll be able to see your entire library of videos in search results.

They know when to look for your content, and start to make a habit of checking your channel on a weekly, daily, or sometimes even hourly basis. Time spent watching a video is part of YouTube's algorithm. Keywords like social media marketing, search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, ROI, and blogging are all keywords you'll find me using.

In fact, a lot of popular YouTubers will show off their social media profile names during the beginning or end screens. This is where you want to add a subscribe image which is often just your YouTube profile picture and another annotation that leads people into another relevant video of yours.

Research has also shown that videos are shared about 1,200% more than both texts and links combined. This tip is quite literal: if you're producing original content, shoot your videos in HD, and invest in a good quality microphone. This is an article by Deepak Youtube marketing tips Raj who blogs about video marketing at He has 5 years of experience in using web videos to drive traffic.

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